A bottle of Blancaneaux sitting on a stone ledge in front of a large stained glass window.


Sharing its name with one of The Family Coppola hideaway hotels in Belize, Blancaneaux–-meaning "white waters" in French––is deservedly Inglenook's preeminent white wine. From its first vintage in 1999 through to its 2002 vintage, Blancaneaux used to incorporate the features of Chardonnay along with three varietals of the Rhône Valley––Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne–-but since 2003 the blend consists solely of those three Rhône varietals in proportions that best suit the overall expression. Like Rubicon, Blancaneaux doesn't describe any one grape personality but speaks volumes about the Inglenook terroir that contributes to its range of nuanced flavors, dense palate, and mix of aromatic interests.