2010 Edizione Pennino Magnum
This wine is a great addition to your cellar and easily enjoyable today with a concentrated nose of fresh boysenberry and raspberry fruit along with vannila and mocha notes mingling with nuances of clove and nutmeg spices.
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"Appealingly rustic yet focused, with aromas of black cerry, toasty dill and cedar leading to flavors of plum, olive and anise that slowly build and balance briary tannins with elegant acidity." -Wine Spectator

Edizione Pennino Zinfandel pays tribute to Francis Ford Coppola’s maternal grandfather, Francesco Pennino. Born in Italy, Francesco emigrated to the United States as a young man and started a music publishing company known as “Edizione Pennino.” Our estate Zinfandel bears the music company’s logo in its original form and to add to the nostalgia, each vintage bottling has one of Pennino’s song titles imprinted on the cork. When Coppola purchased the Inglenook estate in 1975, it was recommended that he remove the Zinfandel vineyards, but because this varietal has Italian origins and has always been enjoyed by his family, he insisted that the Zinfandel vines remain. 
Vineyard Notes
The Zinfandel for Edizione Pennino is grown in a variety of vineyard blocks scattered across Inglenook’s 235 contiguous acres. The old dry-farmed, head-pruned vines, which provide the backbone of the blend, offer concentrated berry flavors and spice; younger plantings of the historic Morisoli clone contribute fresh raspberry fruit flavors, lively acidity, and spice notes; and the historic Werle selection adds dark boysenberry aromas and a round texture. 
Organic Farming
For three decades, Inglenook has been organically farmed out of respect for the environment and our vineyard staff, as well as our belief that organic grapes make better wine. Although it is more difficult to cultivate Zinfandel using organic practices because of its vulnerability to mildew and botrytis, the rewards outweigh the extra efforts. 
The weather was moody in 2010. Cool spring temperatures hindered fruit development early on, which extended the season a few weeks. Because it took unusually long for the weather to warm up, the grapes were left to hang on the vines much longer than normal. While there was average rainfall throughout the vintage, cooler-than-normal temperatures were punctuated by a few heat waves in late summer that required intensive crop thinning. These conditions reduced the yields 35% from the year before. Having less fruit coupled with extended hangtime, delivered highly fragrant, rich and concentrated fruit.
Winemaker’s Notes
Zinfandel characteristically ripens fairly unevenly, which means it takes many trips through the vineyards to harvest only the selections that have reached optimal maturity—then wait on the others. We made our first pass through the vineyard on October 7th and finished picking on October 21st, checking the vineyards daily in between and harvesting only fully ripe clusters. Luckily, there was no rain during this period, so the grapes were able to ripen and reach full tannin development unhindered. Following fermentation the lots were aged primarily in French oak barrels for 18 months in our climate controlled caves. 
Tasting Notes
Our 2010 Edizione Pennino Zinfandel offers a vibrant fragrance of boysenberry, cranberry, white pepper, cloves, and notes of smoke. Smooth and round upon entry, luscious boysenberry flavors persist on the palate, followed by a long, fresh finish of pepper and spices. With a velvety texture and supple tannins, this year’s rendition of Pennino Zinfandel is beautifully balanced, fresh, and easy to enjoy.
Appellation: Rutherford, CA
Blend: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Primitivo
Vineyards: Gate, Bridge, Carriage House, Cowbarn, Saddle, Walnut, Mountain and Woodshed blocks
Barrel Regimen: 18 months
Alcohol: 14.8%